Search Marketing Companies Making Headway

Our main job at Search Hunt is to find the very best search engine optimisation companies and promote them for our followers. It can be an absolute minefield trying to find a good agency to work with and after all, you are going to be spending a good chunk of your marketing budget on the campaign so you need to know that your investment is in safe hands.

We urge you to take the advice found within our website and don’t just opt for the cheapest option when it comes to search marketing companies. There is a new company in town, in Birmingham to be precise – and they are fast becoming the number one agency – not only in terms of the service they provide, but also (and crucially) in terms of the results they are achieving for both themselves and their clients.

Introducing Birmingham Search Engine Optimisation experts – Brum Design SEO.

Sometimes you just get a feeling about a company – certainly we think we can smell a bad one a mile off. Luckily, we had no such feelings (or bad lingering smells) when we met with Jason at this internet marketing company.

On first meeting we were given a detailed report of what our website needed to rank better in the Google search results and we were pretty impressed with what we got – but things got better from here on in. We were guided to their information collection page whereby we were promised a hugely valuable video analysis if we completed the form in detail.

We duly completed the said form and low and behold, 48 hours later we received our email with a link to our video analysis – I have to say, I have been in the business of search marketing for over 10 years and I was simply blown away! What a service. So far, I hadn’t spent a penny and I had what I would consider to be well over £300 worth of value from this organisation.

They must have spent 2-3 hours preparing all this analysis for me and it was all done so in a professional and well structured manner – not only that, but anyone could follow the easy to use strategies and although it would take a seasoned SEO to action some of the points, a complete beginner could have actioned some really key points.

This SEO firm are going places and with the promised introduction of their online video courses coming later this year, the future looks bright for this company based in the West Midlands, UK.

We would highly recommend this agency and can say with some certainty that if you book these guys then you will not be left out of pocket or disappointed. They will not be the cheapest gig in town, but they will be hands down the most effective and most results driven company that is looking to provide a really good return on investment.

Don’t mess around with the rest – book your free analysis today.